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Exploring the Extraordinary

The Monastery

november, 2022

sun27nov2:00 pm3:30 pmExploring the ExtraordinaryDive into ancient mysteries and magic with Mark W. Foster2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

exploring the extraordinary

Event Details

The veil is slowly lifting, more and more people are getting glimpses and senses of a hidden reality that has always been around them. And are asking “What does this mean to us?” and “to what extent can we work with these arcane mysteries?” Should we find out? Are you ready to explore?

About this series of events

This is the first session in what is going to be an ongoing program of Exploring The Extraordinary sessions at The Monastery with Mark. In this first introductory session Mark will be providing an overview and flavour of the explorations, and highlighting some of the topics and exciting themes to come, so you can dip your toe in so to speak.

Un-common knowledge

These sessions will be covering materials that you never learned about in school, and which are not common knowledge. Many explorations will stretch and bend your mind in all manner of different directions and certainly challenge what we were led to believe was true.

Throughout his life Mark has had an awareness of a deeper reality and been on a personal quest to make sense of it. These sessions will be a sharing of those explorations and awarenesses, diving playfully into the varying interesting esoteric topics and mysteries.

Spiritual growth & awakening

It would be wrong to try and list all the types of Exploring The Extraordinary sessions coming up, simply because they are so diverse. However, there is a common underlying thread running through all of them, and it would certainly be true to say that they will aid an open-minded individuals’ awakening and accelerate their spiritual growth, and that really is the aim.

This first session will take place at 2pm in the Learning Centre at the Monastery Manchester on November 27th 2022 and further sessions will continue in 2023.

First session: Ancient Egyptian Energy Secrets For Modern Times

Sunday, 27th November, 2022

Discover the closely guarded energy science secrets of the ancient Egyptians. The time has now come for this powerful energetic wisdom to be shared for the benefit of all humankind.

 Tip the balance in your favour, in this world of increasing electro smog
 Discover the true meaning of the mystical numbers, 16 and 144
 Learn how to harmonise your body and environment for wellbeing
 Identify the true energetic nature of anything
 Live and work in harmony with natural vibrational laws
 And so much more that can’t be shared here.

Mark’s events are always popular, so attendance is strictly by ticket at £15 and space is limited.

“If you are ready for a broader perspective on ‘reality’ and our relationship to it, then I invite you to join me and fellow like-minded souls in these fascinating explorations. Regards Mark”

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(Sunday) 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


The Monastery Manchester

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