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The Monastery Magazine

Exploring Spirituality

Spirituality is very hard to define and encompasses a huge range of beliefs and experiences. Here at Manchester modern-day Monastery, we honour them all.

We maintain that every spiritual belief is valid & worthy of reflection and study.

In this section of our in-house magazine, we look at some of the rich and varied systems of belief that inspire the values of tolerance, compassion and respect for all living things. We're particularly interested in what can be considered as 'universal truths.' Simple, albeit profound experiences shared by not just humanity, but by all of creation.

In our modern times, the boundaries between religion, spirituality, science and philosophy can seem increasingly blurred. The unstoppable rise of the internet has exposed individuals around the globe to a huge amount of previously inaccessible knowledge. Whilst this increased access to information has the power to cruelly divide (as is so often the case with social media), it also carries with it the power to reconcile and break down deeply entrenched boundaries between conflicting world views.

It is in this spirit that we invite you to explore some of the world's most inspirational spiritual thinkers. Covering Hindu, Muslim, Christian, agnostic, gnostic, mystical and tribal systems of belief, we hope to show that all of these spiritual systems are, in fact, connected. Moreover, that in love, tolerance, reverence, gratitude and respect, humanity can once again step forward and rise together, in harmony with all of existence, into a bright and beautiful collective future.

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The Monastery Prayer


05 / 07 / 21

The Monastery Prayer

The Monastery Prayer The Monastery is built on a beautiful, perennial truth that we all share.   We invite those who hear and feel our call to come, gather, belong and celebrate with us. We recognise that the time has come to turn away from egocentricity.   For each of us to take personal responsibility […]


Manchester modern day Monastery garden



02 / 07 / 21

What Is A ‘Modern-Day Monastery’? | Dr. Jeannine Goh

Here at Manchester’s modern-day Monastery, we are only too aware of the global environmental crisis, the escalating rise in mental distress, the rising gap between the wealthy and those in poverty, the gulf between science and spirituality (that has lead to deep rooted confusion) and now the collective trauma of the Covid-19 pandemic. These are […]



Health & Wellbeing


02 / 07 / 21

Contemplation: From Distraction To Connection | Dr. Jeannine Goh

Many roads up the mountain Contemplation is an ancient phenomena that traverses all cultures & moments in history. As our modern-day monastery’s prayer so clearly conveys, we are a place for all and everyone, for the atheist, to the devout Christian, for the agnostic to the Hindu, to the follower of the wild wind and […]



05 / 11 / 19

Little Pockets of Calm

Life can feel very rushed. We live in times where we seem to be constantly striving to increase productivity and decisive action, whilst neglecting the ‘rest and restore’ phase of our human needs. Changes which arose in the times of the Industrial Revolution mechanised our lives. We became a nation of ‘clocker-inners’ ruled by set […]




16 / 10 / 19

The Monastery on Songs of Praise Sunday 20th October

We are so excited to announce that our beloved Monastery featured on BBC Songs of Praise. It aired on Sunday 20th October at 13.15pm on BBC One and is available to watch online here afterwards: The episode features our Chief Executive Elaine Griffiths whose stories about the Monastery really bring it to life. This incredible […]