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Free Counselling & Training

At Manchester Monastery

Free counselling in Manchester 

At the Listening Service we are committed to providing a safe, warm and loving space for people to have the opportunity to be unconditionally heard. We really understand and value the importance of this and know how essential it is to help us as a society, remain balanced and connected.  

If you wish to book an appointment with one of our listeners then please click on this link.  Appointments are available at 11am and 1pm each day Sunday to Thursday. You will receive an email confirmation and our terms and conditions upon booking.

What is the Listening Service at Manchester Monastery?

The Listening Service, part of The Monastery’s groundbreaking community programmewill be the home of specially trained volunteers who can bring a non-judgemental, respectful and generous ear to other people’s stories and truths.

How often do we try to share our stories or concerns with friends of families only to be told things like ‘pull yourself together’, or to be talked over by the other person & their problems? People already weighed down by their own difficulties, and finding nowhere to share these problems can make it really difficult to actually hear another persons’ plight. People we know may also have their own opinions or judgements about us or the situation we want to talk about. Therefore often, we are offered advice rather than support.   

In such a situation, we are not given the space or time needed to really process our emotions, nor to work through and come to terms with the event.  

That is where the Listening Service comes in.

The importance of being heard

Human connection and contact is essential for our emotional health and wellbeing. We all feel deep within us the instinctive and powerful need to be part of our communities and environment.

Biological need for connection

Nowhere else is this more acutely understood than in the needs of children and their biological need to be seen, valued and understood. Whether these deep needs are met or not in our childhoods, the biological impulse evolves into adulthood as we continue to seek out relationships and meaningful purpose in our environments. Research shows us that people who feel connected enjoy a better sense of self and health and are more likely to make valuable contributions to relationships & to the wider society.  (*)

Fear of rejection

For some people, these needs are not met in childhood and instead patterns of disappointment and low expectation lead to life-times of poor quality relationships and difficulty being seen. This can deepen a sense of loneliness and abandonment with fear of further rejection restricting our attempts to find a place to connect. 

Covid-19 & social isolation

In addition to the difficulties we already faced within our fast paced and wary society, the COVID-19 lockdown has forced many people into involuntary exile. Spending long periods of time alone and in isolation can for some lead to intense triggers of fear and disconnection and many people have been left in unprecedented circumstances of solitary confinement.  When we share in the presence of an attentive witness, we process our experiences.  

If you wish to book an appointment with one of our listeners then please click on this link.  Appointments are available at 11am and 1pm each day Sunday to Thursday.  You will receive an email confirmation and our terms and conditions upon booking.

Pollution of the mind

When difficult things happen to us, we often can’t make sense of it in the moment of its occurrence. Any dangerous or out of the ordinary experience becomes ‘stuck’ within the psyche and the memory becomes repressed in an unprocessed format. While lying in exile, the memory emits a fearful frequency accompanied by worrying thoughts.  This creates a sense of pollution of the mind (*) and becomes a distraction from happiness and wellbeing.   

An attentive witness

Being able to talk in the presence of an attentive witness provides the space that we need in order for the memory to become free again and for the content to be processed and resolved. If we don’t get the opportunity to do this, our memory banks become overwhelmed – and so do we. 

The most essential quality needed within this healing dynamic is non-judgemental connection from another person who can give you the time and space for you to explore your own account, feelings and beliefs. 

Manchester Counselling Training Centre affiliated 

In order to develop the highest quality of training and care, we have collaborated with Manchester Counselling Training Centre and are funding 45 training opportunities for volunteers to become Effective Listeners for our community. 

Accredited & approved training

This is a CAPB accredited and BACP approved counselling module training delivered as a comprehensive course spanning 9 weeks. Whilst our current course is full, we will be running another soon.

If you’d like to participate in one of our courses, please email Charmain Berry for more details.