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Free Counselling & Listening Service

At Manchester Monastery

Free Counselling and Listening Service at the Sanctuary, Manchester

At the Sanctuary we offer free listening and counselling sessions with qualified practitioners each day from Sunday to Thursday. Appointments can be made my booking online, please click here to make an appointment.

The need to talk

Having someone to talk to, when we need it most, can sometimes be all we need in times of struggle. Many people don’t want to worry their loved ones, and some people simply do not have anyone to talk to. It has been extensively recognised that just having a space to vent and share our views and emotions can help us avoid longer terms problems and the likelihood of depression, anxiety or stress related symptoms. In days gone by our community infrastructures such as the church or even the local pub would have provided the opportunity and invitation to share our lives, but sadly, for some, these connections no longer remain. The Listening and Counselling Service is one of the ways we can support this essential need and open pathways to continuous support and connection. 

Listening Service 

Our Listening volunteers have all completed an 9 week approved module in effective listening, have safeguard and risk training and are all DBS certified. This is a more informal space to share and open up with a qualified person, who will listen in an open hearted and compassionate way. It’s an opportunity for a chat about anything of your choosing. Each session can last up to one hour and we offer up to 3 sessions of listening. Listeners are available most days and bookings can be made here. 

Listener volunteers are available every day from Sunday to Thursdays and can be met with in a private space within the building and grounds of the Monastery.  

Counselling Service 

Sometimes we may feel that we want to explore something personal to ourself in a deeper way, and over a longer period of time. Counselling can help us to do this. Counselling is effectively the opportunity to sit with a person and figure out our problems.  Counselling can help people to work through difficult emotions and come to terms with loss, uncertainty and pain. Here at the Sanctuary, we have a small team of compassionate beings who have spent several years training and learning about therapies and counselling and are now qualified and ready to share their loving support. These wonderful humans are on placement with us from various universities and colleges and are completing their practice hours to finalise their qualification.   

Counsellors are available most days. Although we encourage people to come in to the Monastery for face to face sessions, in special circumstances sessions can be arranged on-line or via telephone. We can offer up to 8 sessions of counselling. 

How can I apply for free counselling? 

If you book in to our counselling service you will be referred directly to one of our Listeners for an assessment appointment. They will then carry out an informal and supportive assessment which may require two sessions. After this you will be referred in to our counselling service and placed with a suitable practitioner.   

If you’d like to book with us, please read through the terms and conditions of the counselling relationship by clicking here. 

Once you have read the terms and conditions please click here to book your session selecting your preference for listening or counselling from the two options available. 

After you have booked 

You will receive a confirmation letter upon booking, and receive an SMS text reminder the day before.   

We may call you on the morning of your appointment to confirm your attendance on that date.  

Although this is a free service, our listeners and counsellors volunteer their time and incur travel costs to be in attendance. If you cannot attend please do cancel at the very earliest opportunity.   

On the day of your appointment please arrive at the main reception at the Monastery and sign in. Your counsellor or listener will meet you at reception.    

All our Counsellors and Listeners adhere to the ethical framework and guidelines of the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapists (BABCP).

Click here to find out more information about person centred counselling from the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapists.

 If you have any questions, please send an email to