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Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing Good by Doing Business

With Manchester's Modern-day Monastery

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also sometimes known as corporate conscience or corporate citizenship. It’s a commitment by a company to establish values and philanthropic initiatives that aim to contribute economic, social, or environmental benefits to society by participating in or supporting ethically oriented practices.

Five ways Manchester Monastery can help with your company’s corporate social responsibility

  1. Donate – support our work to do good
  2. Become a trustee – offer long-term support and guidance
  3. Offer pro-bono support to The Monastery
  4. Become a Corporate Sponsor  – promote the benefits of CSR
  5. Book a corporate event with us  – all profits go to our Charitable Trust

Support our Charitable Trust

Your event helps us to help others. All profits from events and activities are donated to the Charitable Trust which owns Manchester Monastery. This provides for the maintenance of these magnificent buildings as well as supporting the local community through our charitable projects in education, skills, arts, and health.

The World Monuments Fund identified Manchester Monastery as an exceptional work of architecture and helped to ensure that it was conserved for the people.

We rely entirely on donations. Your support is an investment that will help to preserve this significant historic site for generations to come.

You can support us by hosting your corporate event in this magnificent building.

Why should a company implement corporate social responsibility?

If every business chose to implement social responsibility or a social initiative (however small) the impact on both a local and global level would be immense. It’s a great opportunity to give back to society whilst reaping the rewards of a respected brand image from the genuinely great work you do. 

But it’s far more than just a marketing gimmick. By going above and beyond legal requirements and standards in your industry you and your company become trailblazers for better ways of working.

What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility for your company?

There is growing recognition of the need for a more sustainable way of living. Covid-19 has strengthened this belief for many and increasing numbers of consumers want to make more conscious decisions when making purchases or investments.  

Increase productivity and boost staff morale

Social responsibility can empower employees to use corporate resources to do good. Those resources could be corporate sponsorship or employee volunteer programs. CSR schemes can create a sense of community amongst employees, engaging them and encouraging positive relations.

Attracting talent is often a natural consequence for companies that demonstrate a dedication to improving communities. Through investment in CSR a business is more likely to attract high calibre, valuable, and engaged employees.

Potential investors are also often attracted to companies that demonstrate integrity and take social responsibility seriously. There’s an increased sense of trust and positive intention.

Better public image

Social responsibility contributes to a better public image – as a company with integrity and values. Consumers want to engage with companies that care about the causes that matter to them. Companies that appreciate and nurture this relationship enjoy customer loyalty.

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