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NEW Self-Help Group for Mothers | Mama Tribe

Launching at 12.30 on Monday 22 November is a NEW service for mothers and their early years children. It’s a FREE service for the Manchester community.

Run by Annabel Newfield, the group will offer a supportive, nurturing, and empowering community for women.

Who is the group for?

This group is for mothers who live in Manchester and their early years children (4 years and under).

Raising children and coming into motherhood during lockdowns has been isolating for many. Mothers learn so much from each other – find a community of other mothers here. Lockdown mamas, more than ever, need to feel connected with other mums.

Mama Tribe at the Snactuary of Peace & Healing Manchester

What help can I expect?

The sessions will include Developmental Movement PlayBaby Boogie. This supports children’s physical, emotional and social development. And it’s fun. A massive boost for mental health!

After the play part of the session, is time for the mothers. Annabel will share useful parenting support, self-care, and nurture skills – that will help you.

Be seen and heard – with your struggles, joys, and questions about motherhood. This is a safe and confidential space.

Self-care and nurture skills – including mindfulness, breathing and meditation, dance, stretching, and relaxation. These skills are for you, but they also work for your children.

Connect with your body and find acceptance and love for it – it’s been through many changes.

More about Annabel

Annabel is an experienced teacher of developmental movement play and somatic bodywork. She works with a large variety of women’s groups. She has supported women in prison, runs local support groups, teaches on retreats, and has a one-to-one therapy practice. Her focus is to help women achieve positive body image, mindfulness, and self-care.

Annabel is all too aware of the challenges facing mothers, especially those with fragmented communities and families. As a single mother, she’s been through her own burnout journey. In her words, she ‘scraped herself off the floor and learnt how to ask for support and resource herself as a woman and mother’. Her lived experience fuels her passion to support mothers – especially now when many mums are navigating the isolation of parenting through lockdowns.

Mama Tribe at the Sanctuary of Peace & Healing Manchester

How do I join the group?

Be Well Manchester will refer mums to this self-help group. If you live in Manchester and think these sessions are what you need, either contact Annabel directly at or contact Beylai at Be Well Manchester. Come and meet Beylai in the Sanctuary on Monday between 12 and 3pm or email her at

The sessions will start at 12.30 (and finish at 2pm) on Monday 22 November. Then they will run on Monday 22 November, 29 November, 13 December, 20 December.

Please share this information with anyone you think it might help.

Related services @ The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary also offers a domestic violence support group for women on Tuesdays from 12.15 to 2pm. You can find out more here.

We also offer free counselling via our listening service from Sunday to Thursday each week. You can find out more here.

Where can I find more information about the Sanctuary of Peace and Healing?

You can check out their website right here.

Admission is free and so is parking.

A Compassionate Approach to Mental Health in Manchester is Here

LAUNCH: The Sanctuary of Peace & Healing (SOPH) at Manchester Monastery


It is with great joy that we announce the launch of an innovative urban retreat, spearheading a compassionate and conscious approach to mental health in Manchester at our brand new Sanctuary of Peace and Healing (SOPH).

Manchester’s modern-day Monastery is now home to SOPH, a modern, ‘drop-in’ retreat; a healing sanctuary that provides a quiet place to escape from the hustle, bustle and strain of daily life. The sanctuary will be open from 19th September, a day which coincides with the 25th anniversary of The Monastery’s Charitable Trust. The very same trust that was responsible for the heroic renovation (and continues to fund the upkeep) of our incredible grade II listed building.

We’re thrilled to mark our 25th anniversary celebrations with the launch of The Sanctuary, continuing in our absolute dedication to serve the people of Manchester, just as the Franciscan brothers before us would have wished, staying true to the original spiritual purpose of our beloved Monastery – a sanctuary for those in need.

Countdown to launch

Mark the day in your diary, dear reader, because the launch day itself will be EPIC. Click here to get your FREE ticket & feast your eyes on the full, fabulous programme with a whole host of celebrations, talks, workshops, therapies and activities to celebrate this monumental occasion!

PLEASE NOTE: We will also be streaming live from the Great Nave on the day, so if you can’t make it in person, be sure to like our Facebook page and watch out for our LIVE STREAM!

From launch, The Sanctuary will be open habitually from Sunday to Thursday each week, with an hour’s meditative silence from 12 noon. This silent meditation is open to the public and admission is free.

Mental health in Manchester | a game changer

This pioneering new service, heralded by many as a game changer in supporting people with mental health issues here in Manchester, has been co-created by psychologist, Dr Jeannine Goh, and psychotherapist, Charmain Berry, in an effort to plug a gap in resources for those needing a place to come and be heard.

The new Sanctuary, which offers free counselling and listening services, will open from 19 September, 2021, and a befriending service is also in the pipeline. Slots need to be booked (scroll down for full details) but there will also be group drop-in sessions each Tuesday. If you, or anyone you know needs a non-judgemental ear, we warmly invite you either book a slot or share this information with anyone you think may benefit.

What exactly is the listening service?

The listening service is an inclusive, friendly space for anyone who wants an ear, whether that’s to talk through plans, problems or just ponder. A friendly team of highly trained listeners will be available at The Monastery five days a week, Sunday-Thursday. They can guide you to further offerings at the Monastery and free counselling both here and around the city. Scroll down for full details and how to make an appointment.

Innovative approach to mental health

Dr. Jeannine Goh & Charmain Berry (left to right)

Set up voluntarily, using Heritage Emergency funding, the innovative service is breaking new ground in its approach to supporting people in need or struggling with their mental health. Co-founder of The Sanctuary of Peace and Healing, Dr. Jeannine Goh, psychologist explained:

“We offer a place to talk, where people can go within the secular society. There is a desperate need for this kind of initiative. Being heard is so important.”

Elaine Griffiths, chief executive of The Monastery said:

“The Sanctuary fits perfectly the ‘Modern Day’ Monastery’s ethos. What Jeannine and Charmain are creating is truly unique. There has been nothing like this before, yet an urgent and growing need. It will be a place where people can come and be welcomed and not judged. There are times in all of our lives when we need someone to really listen to us.  Just being heard can be incredibly healing. 

The Silence is something that can benefit us all. How long you stay is up to you. Stay for ten minutes or a full day – whatever slots best into your life. Silence is a wonderful tonic for the brain, for the soul and for the self. This time is a gift to you, a time to relax and nourish yourself. Some people take the time to pray or meditate. We are not proposing a particular path. However, we do know that silence can be incredibly healing and powerful.” 

Therapy training and workshops

The Sanctuary is carefully listening to the needs of the city and will be running a series of important drop-in sessions and courses that will be announced soon. The café, visitor facilities and shop will be open and entry and parking are free. 

This urban sanctuary is YOURS

We really urge anyone here in Manchester, who needs someone to talk to, or knows someone who does, to please get in touch with us and book an appointment, drop by any Tuesday, or send this information to a friend in need.

If you wish to book an appointment with one of our listeners then please click on this link.  Appointments are available at 11am and 1pm each day Sunday to Thursday.  You will receive an email confirmation and our terms and conditions upon booking.

We at Manchester’s modern-day Monastery passionately believe that it is only by nurturing a compassionate approach to ourselves and each other, that we can move forward, with love and support, to process the tough times and learn to appreciate the many simple joys that surround us each day.

Please see the short video below to hear a bit more about our vision about the future of our compassionate and conscious approach to mental health in Manchester, as explained by Dr. Jeannine Goh.

In the meantime, we warmly await you, judgement free with open arms and a friendly ear. Please contact us or even better, drop by and introduce yourself, we look forward to meeting you soon!

The listening service and the beginnings of the Sanctuary are all thanks to a cultural recovery grant from the Heritage Lottery. We are so grateful to Manchester’s modern-day Monastery for sharing this vision.