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Insight in to The Monastery: Megan Hunter, Visitor Services & Support Officer

Megan has worked at The Monastery since January 2017, initially starting as Charity Support Officer before being promoted to Visitor Services & Support Officer in March 2018.

Megan is usually the first point of contact for visitors and clients who enter The Monastery as she manages the Welcome Desk in The Monastery’s recently finished Welcome Wing. Megan is also responsible for organising our extensive programme of Health & Wellbeing events; answering and directing phone calls; assisting with the management of our visitor Open Days, and managing visitor experience bookings such as Afternoon Teas, Talks, Tours and special events.


How did you get involved with The Monastery?

I started to volunteer at The Monastery after meeting Elaine [Monastery CEO] through a family friend. I really enjoyed helping out with the Open Days and shortly after starting to do this, I was offered a part-time position at The Monastery to help with fundraising research and grant applications.


What was your first day like at The Monastery?


I can remember the first time I visited the Monastery to help with their Christmas Story event, also known as ‘Donkey Day’.  It was nice to be invited to help on this day because the ‘Christmas Story’ is one of the biggest public events that The Monastery holds every year: it was just really nice to be a part of this festive day!


What is your favourite part of The Monastery and why?

My favourite part of The Monastery is the Private Chapel because, it is so peaceful in there and it still has the values of the Gothic Architecture and heritage in the room.


What have you learnt since you started working at The Monastery? 

Before working at The Monastery, I had no experience in coordinating events or any customer service skills. However, during my time at The Monastery I have gained experience coordinating events and improved by people skills by helping clients to organise events.


What is your favourite time of year at The Monastery?

Although Christmas is our busiest time of year, it is also my favourite because of all the decorations throughout the building and the festive feeling around The Monastery!


Finally, what is your favourite item from the Victorian Pantry?

It is so hard to choose, but for me it is either the Bakewell Slice or the Carrot Cake – though, I would probably say the Carrot Cake just because it is so delicious!


Please note, some responses have been slightly altered for editing purposes.