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G4 Concert at The Monastery: Singing in Support of Missing People

Tomorrow we welcome G4 Christmas by Candlelight at The Monastery and we can’t wait!

Many of you will know G4 who shot to fame on the first series of ITV’s The X Factor in 2004, where they pioneered the world of popular opera. Their exquisite harmonies and unique arrangements of iconic songs such as My Way, Circle of Life and Bohemian Rhapsody immediately captivated the hearts of the nation and catapulted them into instant stardom.

Cynics of these kind of talent shows often see these acts as short-lived one-hit wonders, but in fact several acts have gone on to have long lasting careers in a very competetive industry. G4 are one of those acts, and whilst their journey took many different turns, with the band going their separate ways after a few years of touring and producing sell out albums, on 17th November 2014, they reunited at London’s Barbican Centre to celebrate their 10th anniversary since appearing on The X Factor. Due to unprecedented demand, the band were forced to reconsider the ‘One Night Only’ aspect of the show, and bring their music back to audiences across the UK, which resulted in a 20-date tour.

After the phenomenal reaction to their Reunion Tour to packed houses across the UK, G4 transported their loyal following right back to the moment they first fell in love with G4’s trademark harmonies, reminding all of what was so instantly appealing about this band and their work. Having recreated their unique take on songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Circle of Life and Nessun Dorma, they also proved they can tackle the latest chart-toppers including Let It Go, Happy and Uptown Funk in their own inimitable style.

Due to the overwhelming public demand for the group, and having toured their 29-date ‘Back For Good’ tour in 2016, G4 went on to tour their popular ‘Christmas By Candlelight‘ show across the UK in November and December in 14 historic churches and cathedrals, which showcased their first-ever Christmas album.

For the 2019 festive season, they embark on their biggest ever Christmas tour, with 28 dates in stunning cathedrals, and iconic venues including our own beloved Monastery.

Now then…here’s something you may not know about the group. G4’s Christmas tours are always run in association with the charity ‘Missing People‘, who are a lifeline when someone goes missing. Last year’s Christmas tour raised over £14,000 for Missing People and other charities in bucket collections alone, made at the end of each show.

We fully support this wonderfully generous charitable ethos, and being a registered Charity ourselves, we welcome G4 into the heart of our community. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening tomorrow, from all at The Monastery!

*hot food prepared by our Monastery in-house chefs will be served between doors opening at 6:00pm up to 8:00pm – Mexican Chilli Feast (veg or meat options available)  £5 per person.

Little Pockets of Calm

Life can feel very rushed. We live in times where we seem to be constantly striving to increase productivity and decisive action, whilst neglecting the ‘rest and restore’ phase of our human needs. Changes which arose in the times of the Industrial Revolution mechanised our lives. We became a nation of ‘clocker-inners’ ruled by set working hours, and no longer in right relationship with nature, the seasons and our natural ebbs and flows of production balanced with rest.

The Monastery, and other buildings like this, offer the opportunity to take a moment to yourself to pause, reflect and contemplate. We come into remembrance, and gratitude for all who have gone before us giving us the chance to do better, to go beyond the things our ancestors couldn’t overcome for many reasons. We stop time, come into our hearts and become still, and how badly we need these moments if we are to keep ourselves balanced and well.

Imagine living through two world wars? imagine living through rations, losing family members in terrible circumstances, seeing your sons, father and brothers go to fight for reasons that many lay people didn’t, and couldn’t understand? Imagine seeing your mothers, daughters and sisters struggling with hardships previously unknown, many also engaged in hospitals and factories treating the injured or making more weapons knowing the same weapons were creating more injury somehwere else in the world?

Yesterday, one of our followers asked about religion and faith at the Monastery, so we thought we would like to share a little of our perspective with you.

The Monastery is now a deconsecrated building which means that it is no longer bound by fixed religious rules, but instead is classified as ‘secular’. This means all people and all religions can use the space comfortably without being bound to any single tradition.

The Monastery was originally built by Franciscan friars with the help of local people in and around Gorton, and was used as a place of catholic worship. That said, the Franciscans were very much about living a simple life and building community so depsite its grandeur, its values were generous and non heirarchical.

There are many quiet corners here where you can take the time to remember your loved ones, to reflect upon what you would love to see on this beautiful planet, to dream a little. You are so very welcome regardless of age, gender, religion or faith to come and be with us.

This Sunday we will be celebrating remembrance in our own way; by calling on PEACE.

For more information about this free drop-in event, please click the link below or visit our events page.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Peace Prayer & Meditation Open Day