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Modern-Day Monastery

An Extraordinary Place to Visit

Modern-Day Monastery

An Extraordinary Place to Visit
A Sanctuary With A Heart Full Of Peace
An Architectural Wonder
An Intellectual Feast

Explore Manchester’s History & Heritage

An Extraordinary Place to Visit

Whether you’re planning a day trip to Manchester or live here in our great city, Manchester Monastery really is an extraordinary place to visit.

The Grade II* listed building offers a magnificent setting for your most momentous occasions, from weddings and banquets to responsible corporate events and everything in between. But that’s far from the full story.

In line with the vision of the original residents of The Monastery – the Franciscan brothers – our beautifully renovated buildings, Welcome Café and friendly team of staff are here to offer you a safe space and healing retreat. Welcome to Manchester’s modern-day, multi-faith sanctuary.

The Great Nave’s original Wadsworth organ was installed in 1888 then dismantled when the church and friary were sold in 1989. Its pipes were likely sold for scrap and the organ loft has remained tragically empty ever since. Will you help us to fill that empty space?

We need to raise £100,000 to reinstate the Wadsworth organ and return its rich music to the Monastery.

Together, let’s keep this historic music legacy in Manchester, complete the restoration of Gorton Monastery and provide the sacred soundtrack for another century of joyful celebrations.

Trust: The Story of Gorton Monastery

In his foreword Terry Waite CBE, patron of The Monastery and founder of Hostage International, describes this story as one that will bring hope to many by demonstrating that two ordinary people, with vision and commitment, can achieve what is in fact miraculous.

When Elaine Griffiths stepped over crumbling masonry into the derelict nave in 1996, she was overcome with the power of this incredible Gothic masterpiece.

It was as though Gorton Monastery spoke to her.

In an attempt to save the church and adjoining friary, her and husband Paul set up the charity, The Monastery of St Francis and Gorton Trust.

A Sanctuary With a Heart Full of Peace

When you hire The Monastery’s magnificent multi-use space for your important celebrations, every penny you spend will be reinvested into our charitable trust. But Manchester’s modern-day Monastery is so much more than an award-winning events venue. We are a sanctuary of peace when you need it. A vibrant community space that is open to all, regardless of colour, creed, class or gender.

Discover a compassionate approach to health and wellbeing with our innovative listening service, dedicated to providing a sympathetic ear when it’s most needed, with a free counselling service for the people of Manchester. Or take a deep breath, relax… and join us for a daily meditation, with an hour of silence between 12-1pm. Free admission and open to all.

We warmly invite you to visit us. Pop in and say hello. Come and have a heartfelt chat. We’re here for you.

An Architectural Wonder

If you’re interested in Manchester architecture, truly it doesn’t get much better than this.

Considered to be E. W. Pugin’s great architectural masterpiece and known as ‘Manchester’s Taj Mahal’, The Monastery will blow your mind with the principles of geometry on which it was designed, its significance as a beloved heritage site of great historical importance and the incredible restoration project which breathed new life into its previously tragic ruins.

If sacred sites are your thing, jackpot.

Study centre at Manchester Monastery

An Intellectual Feast

This is where Manchester’s modern-day Monastery gets very interesting indeed. Our School of Contemplation invites you to explore the very meaning of life.

Discover our brand new magazine, exploring the boundaries of science, spirituality and philosophy. We’re fascinated by the overlapping borders of existential enquiry and we invite seekers, the curious and the downright confused to join us in our quest for answers to the BIG questions.

Please, however, don’t imagine that we lack academic rigour. We offer serious study programmes that explore the boundaries of knowledge and wisdom. Our study programmes span diverse topics ranging from modern mysticism and wisdom studies to psychology, meditation and counselling. If you’re looking for answers, you might just have found your tribe.

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We hope you will visit and experience all that The Monastery has to offer and when you do, may you take with you the peace and blessings of this historic, sacred site.