The Rt. Hon. Sir Gerald Kaufman, MP.

As Member of Parliament for the area in which the Monastery is located, I have been involved in the activities of this project for many years. They have turned what was first a historic building and then a tragic wreckage into a venue which is the pride of the area. This has happened because of enormous hard work and tremendous dedication.

Linda and Paul Caroll

Not visited for 10 years or so. Amazed at the amount of change and restoration. You should all be rightly proud of your achievements. Keep up the good work.

Arlene and John Lomax

Absolutely beautiful. All the volunteers are very helpful, informative and friendly – wonderful visit.

A very special venue. I’m so glad it has been resurrected and is still part of the community – my parents were married here in 1979.

Last time we came the site was derelict – what a transformation! Well done.

C & A.

What a beautiful building. Everyone who used it in the past would be relieved that it has been restored and is now full of life and is a vibrant place once again.
(Aug ’13)

I went to school at Wright Robinson in the 80’s and my old dad used to tell me all about this old monastery when he picked me up as a kid from school. Its an absolute pleasure to see its restoration given how I remember it back then! My dad would be pleased too!!
– Karl Booth, ex Gorton schoolboy.

I’ve not been here since my childhood and now my daughter will be married here next August. My late Mum and Dad would have been thrilled. God Bless all these people who helped restore this beautiful, Majestic Monastery to its former glory!
– Colette Mealing, Sept ‘13

Visited today from Matlock. Some had been before 11 years hence when the building was derelict now superbly restored. Loved the story of the light – fascinating, God Bless Us All.