The Monastery

Dru Yoga For Everyone at the Monastery


We are delighted to be working with Manchester Yoga Social Enterprise Society and their qualified yoga teachers to offer this weekly class to all of our visitors.

In 2013, classes will be held on the first Sunday of every month, only, as part of atOne.

Dru yoga is a way of moving which is based on soft, flowing movements, controlled breathing and visualisation. It is both a graceful form of exercise and a potent means of stress relief. With its foundations firmly set in ancient yogic tradition, Dru is a style that has been passed down through the generations. It works on both the body and the mind, rejuvenating the soul, strengthening core stability and building a heightened sense feeling of positivity and empowerment.

The class will include some gentle activation, an energy block release sequence,some posture work and a guided relaxation. Bring your own mat or use one of ours. We use adaptations of our movements so they are suitable for beginners, children, older people and those with disabilities. Less active participants can take part in chair yoga.

This class at the Monastery is also suitable for experienced yogis - come and try something different.


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