Corporate Testimonials

Natalie Gerrish, Touch Media Solutions

Enquiry to Contract

Jo and Chris I found you to be most helpful, professional, friendly, enthusiastic and easy to work with.

You had a good understanding of the project, great attention to detail and understood Touch’s needs from start to finish, from my point of view I couldn’t ask for a better contacts. You also understood the client, their requirements and were flexible to their contract set-up and cost payments – thank you.

Chris really did go over and above the call of duty, helping with hotels and transport.

It was lovely to finally meet you both and put a face to the voice - I definitely would like to work with you again, just waiting for the next Manchester brief!

Get in & Set-up

Everything ran smoothly, your team were very accommodating and worked with our team to turn things around so please pass on our thanks  - to Fred, Claire and all the team.

Event days / Event Management

Claire, Emma and the catering team were excellent very attentive. Everything ran like clockwork to schedule and on time (even with client agenda changes, client arriving early etc).

Claire, Emma and their team including Chef were flexible to our needs, professional, responsive and everything was always done with a smile, nothing was too much trouble– excellent, thank you.

I extent my thanks to the success of the event to all the team at The Monastery, it really was excellent service.

So my thanks extends to all from; office team and reception for their friendly and warm welcome we and our delegates received, to the cleaning team who helped ensure the public areas and rooms were clean at all times.


It was made clear on the days to Chef and his team that catering was first class. Great quality, tasty, fresh, good selection and choice for delegates and crew.

The client was really pleased and is going to write a personal thank you to Chef. One of the clients went on to say that she had run and attended events all round the world and The Monastery catering was the best she has ever eaten at an event anywhere in the world!

Thank you, The Monastery and your team, you all helped us achieve a standout WOW event for our client and delegates.

Victoria Duffy, Wright Robinson College

We did enjoy the venue and would be interested in using it again.


"The event was absolutely fantastic and the guests have given nothing but outstanding feedback on the venue."

Growing Gorton and the European Network of Living Labs

"Just a quick thank you for the efforts you each put into making this afternoon a success."

Harold Goodwin, Responsible Tourism Partnership

"...a great venue which demonstrates how restoration and can contribute to regeneration".

Sir Peter Fahy, Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police.

There is no question that this is a remarkable building but to take what was a declining ruin and to have restored so much of the fabric has demonstrated huge determination and faith. There can be no question that what the Trustees have achieved has been astonishing and they have gathered great support from the key civic and business leaders across the City. Their stewardship of the project and their great passion for what Gorton Monastery can be to the local community is clear for all to see.


Peter Mount CBE, Chairman, Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust

I first visited the Monastery years ago in its derelict state and the beauty and scale of the building made a huge impression on me, despite the need for serious restoration work. I have been very impressed by the hard work and commitment of the Trust and its volunteers, which paid off when they secured the funds to save the buildings and find them a new use for the future.


Professor Aidan Halligan, Director, Well North.

Successful community enterprise relies not just on engagement with the local citizens and community but with their genuine ownership of the project. What has struck me from the first encounter I have had with the Monastery is that ‘felt’ commitment that the Monastery should be owned by the community. A great sense of humility, determination and courage pervades the Monastery’s existence within the community and there is a real sense of service before self. The Monastery exudes warmth, welcome, compassion and understanding. None of these inspiring characteristics are exhibited for decoration, but are lived in practical application.


Mike Blackburn, NW Regional Director, BT.

I have attended and hosted large and small groups of people in the Monastery. These events never fail to have an inspirational effect on the attendees. We need inspiring places and people to continue the drive for more cohesive communities who are proud of the heritage and history of their locality. The Monastery is absolutely one of those inspiring places.

Claire Moreland, Head, Chetham’s School of Music.

All of us involved in heritage and the Arts in Manchester cannot fail to have been hugely impressed with what the team has accomplished for Gorton Monastery and for East Manchester in general, in relation to building a community, cultural and education resource as well as a sustainable venue.

Ian Kennedy, Vice President Technical Operations, Cisco International Ltd

The availability of resources and facilities at the Monastery have provided a very powerful backdrop for our engagement with business and charities, taking advantage of the dramatic space provided by Pugin’s architectural masterpiece. For someone who has benefitted directly in so many ways from the Monastery and has experienced at first hand the impact it has people who visit, not just once but over and over again, it is difficult to quantify the impact that extendin the facilities will have on many people’s lives. The Monastery team continues to innovate and biring forward new ideas for how the building and its surroundings can be used to attract increasingly diverse group to make use of the facilities.

Terry Waite CBE

Eighteen years ago I visited the Monastery. It was a total mess and at the time it seemed as though it would fall into an even worse condition than it then was. Fortunately Paul and Elaine Griffiths came on the scene with a vision as to what it might be in the future – a centre for community regeneration. Few people at that time had any hope that this vision would come to fruition but by their dedicated work Paul and Elaine have in fact achieved the impossible. The Monastery at Gorton is a centre to be proud of and is playing a vital role in the regeneration of a poor area in Manchester.


Michael Oglesby CBE, Chairman, The Oglesby Charitable Trust.

Gorton Monastery has, over the last decade, been one of the most outstanding projects of its kind in the North of England. Not only has it been a quite unique heritage rebuilding scheme but, also, it has had a transformational effect on a local community which has seen major deprivation over a sustained period of time. The Monastery can be viewed as an exceptional success story on a number of different levels, any one of which would be significant but, added together, make for a quite remarkable project.


Sobayha Valli - Price Waterhouse Coopers

I wanted to say a huge thanks to you and your team. The summer ball was a huge success, everyone loved the venue. Your staff were fantastic, very professional, friendly and overall a better than great night. Judging from the reaction we had for the venue I'm sure this won't be the last event we're having there.

Devang Gohil, Karma Foods Limited

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to every one involved with Saturday Alpesh's event. Your team was one of the most helpful team I have ever worked with. 

I look forward to working with you in future.