Our Sustainability Policy

Sustainable Events Policy

The Monastery, Manchester recognises that its event management activities, products, services and operations have the potential to have both a positive and negative environmental, social and economic impact.

St. Francis, after whom The Monastery (the former Church and Friary of St Francis of Assisi in Gorton) was named, is Patron Saint for the environment. He had a genuine and deep respect for the integrity of creation: - animals, plants, natural forces, the Sun and the Moon.   Today, we remain inspired by this love and care for the environment and this is reflected in our ambitions to consistently deliver Sustainable Events and to create a beautifully restored building at the heart of its community.

We aim to minimise our significant negative impacts and ensure commitment to satisfy applicable legal and other requirements. We will regularly audit our compliance with legislation and with this policy, measure our progress and continually improve wherever practicable.

Our purpose is:

  • To preserve and conserve the Monastery Heritage Asset for future generations
  • To support the local community and create employment
  • To support the regeneration of the area

Our values are linked to our project name for sustainable development – ASSISI.  Assisi, a medieval city built on a hill, is the birthplace of Saint Francis and this name embeds the history of The Monastery in our ongoing ways of working:







We regularly review our principles to ensure that they meet with the Governing Principles of Sustainable Development of stewardship, integrity, transparency and inclusivity.

To ensure these principles are adhered to we are operating in line with ISO 20121, the International Standard for Sustainable Event Management.

The scope for our ISO 20121 management system is: the venue and the event management cycle for all those events controlled by the Monastery team.

Using this standard The Monastery, Manchester has set the following objectives based on our identified issues:

  • Human Development: To be known as a great place to work.
  • Staff Education: All staff to understand what sustainability means to The Monastery and the role they have to play.
  • Community Engagement: To have balanced and positive communications with the local community, ensuring the maintenance of a good relationship.
  • Energy: To reduce energy consumption from The Monastery & increase the % energy sourced sustainably.
  • Water: To reduce the volume of freshwater used by The Monastery and reduce associated costs.
  • Waste: To reduce the volume of waste produced at The Monastery and to increase the % of that waste which is recycled.
  • Supply Chain: To work with main suppliers to engage them on sustainability and increase the supply of more sustainable products and services from local suppliers.

For each of the above objectives detailed targets have been set, with the aim of achieving continual improvement in our performance.

At The Monastery, Manchester, we aim to achieve the objectives of our ISO 20121 Management System, by having clearly defined management responsibilities and by promoting employee involvement.

We are committed to demonstrate leadership and have on-going consideration of our potential legacy with the implementation of event sustainability. The Monastery, Manchester will strive to leave a positive legacy by creating a beautifully restored historic building which exists at the heart of its community.

This policy will continue to be reviewed at least annually, and will be brought to the attention of all employees and made available to all stakeholders, including the general public, via our website www.themonastery.co.uk  or on request.