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St Francis Sundays

Monastery is open 12:00 - 4:00pm most Sundays

The Friar’s Pantry Café will also be open serving afternoon tea with a choice of home baked cakes, scones and pastries.

St. Francis Sundays are open to everyone. Activities will vary from week to week. Our vision is to keep the Franciscan values alive and relevant in the work of the Monastery today.

St. Francis, as patron Saint of the Environment, of Animals, of Peace, Tolerance and of Inter Faith work is very much a Saint that is more relevant than ever in today’s world.

This is still a place of welcome and is for everyone from all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs. Even though the church has been deconsecrated its sacred atmosphere still remains. The architecture, the heritage, the stories, the memories, the peaceful energy and the beauty of this place can be enjoyed by everyone every Sunday.

There will also be 'Spiritual Sundays' featuring Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Healing & Talks once a month. Spiritual, Health and Wellbeing at the Monastery is nothing new, it has run through all that has ever happened here from the days the doors were first opened by the Franciscan Brothers.

Theology training for Franciscan Monks was held in the back rooms of the building, our new Partnership with The Interfaith Seminary and their training of ministers again is history repeating itself.

Faith Leaders, Spiritual Teachers and International Inspirational Speakers such as Terry Waite, Diana Cooper, James Twyman, Edwin Courtney, Gary Quinn and Glennyce Eckersley have all shared their spiritual wisdom with full audiences at the Monastery, as did the brothers to the masses through BBC radio back in the 1950’s.

In many ways history does seems to be repeating itself here at the Monastery. We hope you will join us on a Sunday and be part of creating this new history.

Elaine Griffiths, Chief Executive of The Monastery, Manchester said: “For some time we have wanted to give a dedicated day each week back to the community and now we’re in a position to do this. St Francis Sundays will be part of our weekly programme of activity. We can now open our doors every Sunday and invite people in to enjoy the building and take part in a range of activities. As Sunday has always been a significant day for the building, it is fitting that it will continue to be so.

“With the rest of the week filled with business activity and Saturdays now available for weddings and other celebrations, Sunday is the day when we can share our growing success with the communities that have so faithfully supported us through the years.”  

Entry is free for the St Francis Sundays and no pre-booking is necessary. Donations are always gratefully received. The Monastery welcomes everyone from all faiths, background and beliefs.

For all enquiries contact the Events Team on 0161 223 3211, or email

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