Realising Potential

The Monastery is very much the focal point for the wider regeneration and enhancement of the Gorton community. Its restoration is mirrored by the continuing inward investment into Gorton. Helping to put a new heart back into the community through this modern day Monastery is our way of demonstrating respect for the past.

All our development plans have been rooted in the needs of the local community and embraces work in education, training, heritage, craft skills, arts and health. It took over 10 years to raise the £6.5 million to restore the site.

After many years of campaigning, the Trust succeeded and realised its ambition for the restoration of the former church and friary in 2007. It is now establishing the Monastery as one of the most inspiring venues for a range of corporate, community and cultural activities.

So whether it’s a musical recital, tour, theatre production, concert or competition that brings aspiring youngsters (of all ages) to The Monastery, we know from experience that they will be inspired by this special place.

It brings out the best in everyone...